India is a land of different cultures, languages, religions, trades, businesses, and resources. The economic condition of the people also varies beyond imagination. There are very rich people comparable to the richest in western countries and at the same time the majority of the population lives below the poverty line. These people cannot even afford a good meal a day or even milk for their children. The population of people living in abject poverty ranges from 35% to 65% in different areas of the country. This poverty also fosters high levels of drug and alcohol addiction.Natural calamities too have struck this land in the recent past leaving behind damaged lives, lands and crops.

Relief works carried by charities have met a small percentage of physical need however the emotional help received is insignificant. Thousands of charitable organizations are faithfully carrying out their services, but there is so much more left undone.

Abraham Sekhar, a civil engineer by profession and his wife Sheila Sekhar, a medical doctor by profession are Christians involved in charitable work. They have an immense burden for the poor and destitute of India. They started a charitable trust in India called Global Mercy Foundation, India. Currently they run a Children's Home for orphaned and deserted children. They have also started street children education and adult literacy programs in different places. In addition, they are very concerned with the HIV/AIDS problem in India. Many health experts predict that India will be the next region to suffer from the AIDS epidemic that Africa is currently experiencing. There is a serious lack of resources to deal with the current infected population. In order to help combat this problem, the Sekhars are currently involved in community health care and development program in Orissa and Jharkhand.

Background of Global Mercy Foundation, USA

Global Mercy Foundation USA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that was started in February 2004. It is run by Mercy Novak, and its primary purpose is to raise funds for the charitable works of GMF India. Those works include tsunami relief, children's homes, literacy programs, mobile clinics and the construction of a hospital.

The Foundation is open to partnership with other charitable organizations in the achievement of its fundraising goals.

The Mission

Global Mercy Foundation USA exists to provide funding for the charitable works of Global Mercy Foundation India.

GMF India is a separate charitable trust that exists to provide the following services:

The Foundation's goal is to help everyone in physical and emotional need – regardless of religion, social status or political affiliations.

Financial Reports

2017 Annual Financial Report

2018 Annual Financial Report

Board Members

Mercy Novak

Mercy Novak is the President of GMF, USA and the daughter of Abraham and Sheila Sekhar. 

Abraham and Sheila Sekhar
GMF India

Abraham Sekhar  serves as the Chairperson of Global Mercy Foundation India. He has just retired from his profession as a civil engineer and the owner of a construction company. He is now involved full time with the Trust. In addition to his regular construction work, he had also built over 180 houses for the earthquake victims of the Gujarat earthquake in 2002.

Sheila Sekhar is a medical doctor by profession. However, she currently helps with the Trust full time and is also involved in counseling work.

GMF India Staff

Asha Shriyan, GMF India
Asha serves as the Secretary for the Foundation and does all the correspondence and reporting. She has also been Abraham Sekhar's personal assistant for the past six years.

Francis Barboza, GMF India
Francis is a qualified post graduate with experience in the medical field. He currently works as the Administration Coordinator. His work for the Foundation is purely on a volunteer basis.

Anita Mary, GMF India
Anita Mary is a Senior Nurse and Instructor on permanent staff with the Foundation. She has trained many nurses to carry out relief work.

A Nainar, GMF India
A Nainar is a volunteer who helps with the work in the slums and with downtrodden people.

Francis Xavier, GMF India
Francis Xavier is a qualified Engineer and is involved with the Trust’s Public Relations.