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Widows Welfare Project:

The foundation is currently raising money to provide employment training for 40 destitute widows in Sunderbann, Kolkata. Depending on funding, further interventions are planned for this community. Find out more.  

Street Children Education Project:

Funding is needed to provide education and food for over 250 street children living in the garbage dumping grounds of Kolkata. Find out more.

Harvest Mission Orphanage:

12 children were successfully raised in this orphanage. All have started working after completion of their studies and are employed and living by themselves. There are currently about 30 children and young adults going through various educational programs at the facility. 

Adult Literacy Education Programs:

AIDS/HIV+ Counseling Programs:

Two counselors have spent two days a week for the last seven years counseling innumerable patients in a hospital in Rajawadi, Mumbai. Healing Rooms in different locations in Mumbai have also ministered to these patients. There have been significant results under these programs.

General Counseling Programs for drug addicts and alcoholics:

Mumbai has 18 centers, Kolkata has 4 centers, Raipur has 3 centers and Chennai has 2 centers dedicated to ministering to drug addicts and alcoholics. So far, over 400 people have recovered from their addictions and many are now employed. 

Completed disaster relief work: